What is Innovaction

I provide consultancy for organisational innovation.

  1. Innovation Booster facilitation for companies that need to respond to new – and old – challenges.
  2. internal facilitator development so the organisation learns to manage the process by itself.
  3. I help the company organise itself to manage innovation by creating new support structures and roles.

“Before the Boosters, my confidence in achieving the objectives, on a scale of 0 to 10, was a 2.  After the Boosters I had moved to a 4, and after our team worked on developing the 50 best ideas, I am now at a 6.”

“We really enjoyed the playful techniques.  The good humour built team spirit which encouraged open challenge to ideas without the danger of conflict.”

“A real benefit was in sharing all the ideas.  Afterwards it was very much easier to convince people of the value of the best of the ideas.”

Tyre Manufacturer

“After two of these boosters now, I can say that we wouldn’t have achieved what we have today if I hadn’t done them.”

“90% of actions were implemented (or overtaken by events).”

“We have achieved half of the required cost savings so far and will now easily achieve our objective. We have been able to hand back €3m so far.”

“When I was asked to justify having the booster offsite this year, I almost decided not to go ahead – which would have been disastrous.”

Senior Project Manager