10 principles of innovation

  1. Ideas are fragile (so are people).
  2. Ideas are organic (so are people).
  3. All ideas have value and should be given a hearing.
  4. The originator of an idea needs assistance in idea enhancement and in promoting the idea internally.
  5. The originator is the initial advocate of an idea and should be actively involved in its development.
  6. Only ideas which have been enhanced to demonstrate potential value will be brought to management.
  7. Both marketing and technical issues need to be addressed in the development of an idea.
  8. Differences among people constitute a strength, not a weakness. Individuals can benefit from the opportunity to interact with other professionals from different perspectives.
  9. A mediator is often necessary to facilitate the communication of people from different cultures and who may possess clashing personalities.
  10. The most effective way to proceed is not necessarily the most efficient.

Source: Rosenfeld & Servo