Facilitator development

The role of the facilitator in the Innovation Booster process is to:

  1. define the issue together with the problem-owner prior to the Innovation Booster
  2. prepare a plan that tailors the Innovation BoosterTMprocess to the issue
  3. guide the participants through the Innovation BoosterTM process

Innovaction provides facilitator training courses to companies who want to develop a team of internal facilitators who can take over and manage the Innovation Booster process themselves.

Specific objectives for the basic facilitator development programme are that, by the end of a 2 day course, participants will:

  • have understood the role of Innovation Boosters in the context of organisational innovation
  • be able to explain simple models of the source of individual creativity
  • experience the nature of facilitation
  • have understood the difference between facilitation and training or instruction
  • have begun to develop facilitation skills e.g. active listening, non-verbal communication, empathy
  • have understood the role of internal facilitators within an organisational innovation programme
  • have understood how to build and manage a creative environment for others
  • have practised the facilitation of a portfolio of Innovation Booster techniques
  • have developed an initial Innovation Booster programme of techniques and ideas using the 3 Diamond model
  • have learned strategies for managing important Booster stakeholders