Innovation Boosters

Innovation Boosters bring together different stakeholders to work on a specific organisational issue. The issue might regard a technology, a process, a system, a structure or a strategy – or all of these.

The outcomes of an Innovation Booster are action-plans and/or proposals which have been generated by the whole group, and a report containing all the knowledge, ideas, action-plans and proposals generated from the process.

When the Innovation Booster is part of a wider strategic innovation programme the implementation of the action-plans and/or proposals is supported and monitored by the roles and structures that we help put in place.

The Innovation Booster is characterised by

  • a process that takes participants through 3 problem-solving stages: exploring the issue, generating ideas, and transforming ideas into actions.
  • an approach that makes use of individual and team creativity in managing complex issues, and defining and realising innovative solutions

Innovation Boosters …

  • are facilitated events
  • can be a one-off event or part of a longer-term strategic project to increase organisational competitive advantage through innovation
  • typically last two days, but can last between two hours and a whole week and can have almost any number of participants
  • need a “problem owner”: someone who requests an Innovation Booster because they have a specific issue they want to work on, and who is responsible for following up on the implementation of the outcomes
  • need at least one trained facilitator to manage the process. Argenta Italy Innovation  provides trained facilitators and facilitator development programmes for companies to develop their own internal facilitation resources