Innovation management

Innovation Boosters can either be one-off events that a company requests on an as-needed basis or they can be part of an Innovation Programme that Argenta Innovation Italy co-designs with the client.

When a company has innovation as a key plank to their strategy they need to find ways of constantly renewing themselves in order to remain competitive.

Adopting the Innovation Booster approach to identify and realise organisational opportunities is a powerful tactic for achieving this strategic objective.

This initiative usually requires support and involvement at board level and involves:

  • identifying strategic objectives, roles and channels
  • setting up internal structures, processes and practices (e.g. an Innovation Office, an Innovation Steering Committee/Board, Innovation Facilitators, Innovation Work Groups) to implement, promote, support and monitor innovation initiatives
  • making resources available (e.g. budget, time) to enable individuals and teams to request Innovation Boosters
  • building up internal facilitation competencies in order to:
    • make the Innovation Booster approach accessible throughout the company
    • make the Innovation Booster approach normal practice within the company, e.g. used in meetings

Innovaction provides expertise, experience and support in setting up Innovation Programmes in terms of identifying key roles, channels and structures, defining processes and providing facilitator training.