Managing project deliverables

“What can our international project team do to reduce timescale and cost of the qualification/ certification process?”

Argenta was invited to run a large project team’s kickoff meeting to share the global vision, in particular, to a) present and refine the long-term objectives and approaches, b) identify upcoming testing opportunities

They wanted to generate ideas to reduce the timescale and cost of the qualification/ certification process for their project deliverables, and to identify some high-potential ideas to reduce project delivery risks, and make some important cost savings.

The team generated and selected a number of practical and innovative ideas identified which they were able to implement immediately in their project programme. They also defined new ways of working together (in particular, the format and content of the monthly project revue.)

What they said after the booster:

“It’s difficult to imagine achieving what we have without a booster. The booster is the best change management tool for this kind of challenge. The booster cost about 30k; we have spent about 100k over all; we will make a saving of about $1m. We have spent about 50k since on implementing the ideas – 200 hours”

“One idea from the booster has saved MBDA €4 m so far”