The approach

The Innovaction Approach – Realise your good ideas

The approach can be applied to any type of issue, need, situation or problem, whether technical, related to a process or to organisational politics, within any industry or functional area.

The 3 diamond model describes a 3 stage process for dealing with complex issues:

  1. explore the issue

The Innovation Booster methodology helps the problem owner clarify and define the scope of the challenge and objectives, and allows key stakeholders to a create a shared understanding of a complex issue, allowing them to work together effectively.

  1. generate as many ideas as possible

Advanced brainstorming techniques allow teams to generate and manage a huge flow of ideas in such a way that they are all recorded, evaluated and filtered for the “golden nuggets” – including apparently “impossible” great ideas.

  1. select, develop and define the next steps

The Innovation Booster methodology transforms great, practical ideas – and apparently impossible ideas – into draft project plans and proposals, while managing the potential road-blocks presented by different stakeholders, and gaining the commitment of the participants to turn their ideas into reality.

Please look at a few of the case studies to see what kind of situation you can apply the Innovaction methodology to.