Rate your organisation

Consider each of the 10 dimensions of creativity below, and decide whether a) or b) best describes your organisation.

1. Challenge: to what extent is the work experience

a) enjoyable and energetic or

b) alienated and indifferent

2. Freedom: to what extent are people

a) independent and able to show initiative or

b) passive and rule-bound?

3. Dynamism: to what extent is the pace of work

a) excitedly busy or

b) boringly slow?

4. Openness: to what extent are people

a) trusted and failure accepted or

b) suspicious and failure punished?

5. Idea time: to what extent do people

a) have time to experiment and play or

b) always schedule and follow tasks?

6. Playfulness: to what extent is the atmosphere

a) happy and humourous or

b) dull and serious?

7. Conflicts: to what extent are conflicts

a) debated with insight or

b) the source of open warfare?

8. Support: to what extent are people

a) listened to or

b) receive critical and negative comments?

9. Debates: to what extent are contentious ideas

a) voiced or

b) suppressed?

10. Risk-taking: to what extent are people

a) allowed to act on new ideas or

b) obliged to submit every proposal to committees?

How many a)’s did your organisation score?