The Tyre Manufacturer

The Technology Centre of a global tyre manufacturer  wished to develop the next two generations of tyres for the civil engineering sector.

The team was looking for radical and novel ideas for the long-term,  with the potential to supply a pipeline of innovations, and some “quick win” ideas to achieve their-medium business targets of improving the performance of their tyres by 20%, to decrease wear, and improve longevity.

We designed and facilitated a series of one-day workshops in which multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and project managers responded to energising and playful creativity techniques by producing over 100 ideas.

By the end of each workshop, the 100+ ideas had been evaluated in terms of their potential to deliver improvements, their likely contribution to the overall performance improvement sought, and the time required to develop the technology and processes to realise them.

What they said afterwards:

“Before the Boosters, my confidence in achieving the objectives, on a scale of 0 to 10, was a 2.  After the Boosters I had moved to a 4, and after our team worked on developing the 50 best ideas, I am now at a 6.”

“We really enjoyed the playful techniques.  The good humour built team spirit which encouraged open challenge to ideas without the danger of conflict.”

“A real benefit was in sharing all the ideas.  Afterwards it was very much easier to convince people of the value of the best of the ideas.”